MusicCity, Kazaa Sued Again

from the it-ain't-gonna-stop dept

Not really a surprise, but the music publishers have finally caught up with the record labels and are suing MusicCity, Kazaa, and Grokster about their digital trading software offerings. Not a surprise, but I’m posting because I love the quote at the end of the article from Steve Griffin, the CEO of StreamCast (the company that runs MusicCity), who first heard about the lawsuit from the reporter: “I’m learning that in this brave new world of lawsuits that there appears to be no one that has to notify you. It saddens me that we can’t have a business dialogue before people think they could go off and sue companies.” He’s right. The music publishers and labels seem to shoot first and ask questions later. Sue ’em out of existence without even talking to them about ways to possibly work out something together.

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