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Someone at Salon has a bit too much free time on their hands. They started thinking about how people have been saying that bin Laden is like a venture capitalist for terrorists, and realized that venture capitalists aren’t doing so hot these days. So, they came up with a “modest proposal” of sending in a bunch of these laid off dot commers armed with powerpoint presentations about how their ideas will do more damage for less money. Then they just need to convince Osama to part with his “venture capital” (should be easy after their experiences on Sand Hill), build up a terrorist bubble, let the bubble collapse, and leave Osama with nothing. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

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Comments on “Win The War With”

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Ed says:

The Converse

When somebody suggested that the economic fallout of 9/11 was the intended result, I had the idea that might be considered the converse of the one proposed in Salon: Osama could have done more economic damage if he had pitched a bunch of flaky dot-com business proposals. In fact, maybe he could have killed two birds with one stone: imagine if he’d been able to get Webvan or to invest in distribution centers in Kabul — the investment would help the middle east economy and the eventual bust would hurt the US.

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