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Giving Up On Silicon Valley

from the good-bye,-good-riddance dept

Not that this is a surprise, but plenty of jobless techies are packing up and leaving Silicon Valley. Apparently, a lot more have decided to leave in the wake of September 11th, assuming that the tech sector is going to take even longer to recover. The fact is that too many people came here in the first place expecting to find an easy dot com job followed by easy dot com riches. It doesn’t really bother me that they’re leaving. Though, I must admit that the really bitter people are the funniest. You took two or so years out of your life to take a risk, and have some fun and it didn’t work out. Why be bitter? Oh, that’s right, you couldn’t retire at age 26 like the “new economy” magazines promised you could.

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Comments on “Giving Up On Silicon Valley”

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Ed says:

My "techie" pet peeve again

The article specifically mentions one tech writer and two magazine editors. To me, none of those people are really true “techies,” i.e. programmers or engineers. I’d think that writers and editors should have a broader base of possible employment, albeit not at tech-boom salaries, while IC designers aren’t likely to be able to do anything else.

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