Who Is The Tourist Guy?

from the net-insanity dept

Wired has an article about the latest Mahir-like internet craze: putting “the tourist guy” in pictures of every major (and many minor) historical event. The tourist guy, if you hadn’t noticed, is the guy in the fake picture of a tourist standing on an observation deck of the WTC as a plane headed towards it. The picture, which was obviously fake from the beginning, was passed around the internet for a while. I guess that got to be too boring, and so people started placing the “tourist guy” in other shots having to do with Kennedy’s assassination, the sinking of the Titanic, the USS Cole, etc. A Brazilian business man is now claiming the tourist guy is his face, but not everyone believes him. Volkswagon apparently believes him enough that they’re putting him in a commercial, though. Ah, net.fame.

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