A Look At Fair Use

from the get-rid-of-it-if-it-takes-cash-out-of-the-entertainment-industry's-hands dept

Following on the article below about the networks suing Replay, the SJ Merc has a good article discussing the issues of digital copying and fair use. They get some industry folks to trash the idea of fair use. I’ve said many times that it’s never a good thing when a company feels the need to piss off it’s users just to make money, and the entertainment industry simply refuses to come to terms with that. People want to be able to share and copy music. Instead of going ballistic (or more accurately: legalistic), the industry needs to come up with legitimate ways to work a business model around the available technology. Many smart people have come up with some very good suggestions, and yet the industry seems to think that the best solution is to piss off the people who give them money, by going to court and passing idiotic legislation.

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