Networks Going After Replay

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The TV networks are still trying to figure out whether or not they actually like personal video recorders like Tivo (even though some of them invested in Tivo). One thing they seem sure of, though, is that the new ReplayTV from Sonicblue goes too far. So, the lawsuits begin. The networks are claiming that it’s too easy to skip commercials on the Replay, and more importantly this concept of being able to “share” shows scares the Napster right out of the networks. Of course, I think the sharing aspect could allow them to get a lot more visitors, but we’ve already seen that the entertainment industry doesn’t seem to think things through very carefully.

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Comments on “Networks Going After Replay”

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prash says:

Re: Stupid

Its seems that advertising is a necessary evil. How else are you going to pay for broadcast television given its current infrastructure? But the networks, like the music industry, takes too adversarial a position to new technologies. It would be smarter to work with these companies to understand how to take advantage of PVRs for better advertising. That said, Replay has a reputation of not wanting to work with the networks, unlike Tivo.

David Bidwell (user link) says:

Networks Going After Replay

I Do Not Think any DVR or Cable or Sat Company Should Force you into watching tv adds. This will hurt them more than help them. People will stop using ther DVR and the tv and cable companys that charg you for having there DVR Like Direc TV or even the comcast DVR. They will not have any one using them any more so they will not be able to chat them for there DVR’s. What people will do is go to the internet to watch there TV shows. Most of the tv stations put the new shoes out on the internet. and once it hits the internet there are so many was around watching the adds there. Most websites will strip the adds out for you. It will be a battle but like everything they will bot win. Like Everything there will be a way around it. I Will Just Like to See How this plays out. Comcast Direc TV Dish Network and all the others that plan to make you watch the TV Adds Will Be Making a big mistake and People will no longer want to rent the DVR’s From them. So I Think before they let people return the DVR they will have a Fix or a way around it. Is What i Think Will Happen Is they will not let you skip the adds on tv unless you call them up and tell them you want to return your DVR for that reason. Then they will tell you how you can get past the TV adds. The Smart thing for them to do will be While you are Skipping past the TV Adds Is to Have Pop Up Adds on the top or bottom of your Screen that will go away when you press play again. to me that would be smarter. We Will see…

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