The Secret Second Mobile Phone

from the for-secret-stuff dept

I’ve heard people from mobile phone companies such as Nokia talking about the need to convince people to buy multiple mobile phones. Perhaps all they need is for more people to start having affairs. It turns out that nearly one in 10 mobile phone users has a second mobile phone – which they often use for “secret” purposes, such as an affair or secret business dealings. Of course, if you’re using the secret phone for an affair, I imagine that causes problems when that phone suddenly starts ringing while you’re with the significant other who doesn’t know about the phone.

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Comments on “The Secret Second Mobile Phone”

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Andrew Wolfe says:

Business, 'Domestic', and Private

I can certainly see having three cell-phone numbers , but forget multiple devices!!!

There are three significant wireless ‘roles’:

* Business – allow your colleagues to reach you at odd hours or while traveling

* ‘Domestic’ – Less frequently useful – sort of a “public” personal wireless number, that is, calls ignored with compunction. Could be most useful as a voice-mail box – allows access for mobile people, but avoids piling up airtime minutes. I would give this to a business to reach me wirelessly when travelling. It also is a good replacement for personal calls on one’s employer’s telephone system.

* Private – family, schools, caregivers.

clous says:


I do know someone that has four — one for each business they own and one for home. the home one is left and home the business phones are taken on journeys. i wouldn’t mind having two myself. you need seperate phones sometimes vs. call waiting or having seperate numbers… and there is also the ever looming battery problem so you can switch the batteries back and forth.

Bookies often have multiple phones and also want to be able to record conversations at the touch of the button for later bet verification.

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