The Venture Capital Catch-22

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Venture capitalists are in a bit of a catch-22 situation these days. The word is out that they simply won’t invest any more, so they’re seeing fewer business plans. Some VCs wish they would see more plans – but others say that only the better plans are getting through (which I think is questionable). A lot of the people I’ve spoken to recently who are trying to raise money don’t have particularly good plans, but they are somewhat delusional about the state of the market these days. I think many of the smarter companies are looking for ways to survive that don’t necessarily require submitting to the whims of VCs. Anyway, it’s also interesting to see that the VCs themselves are doing pretty damn well raising money for their funds. That money has to go somewhere eventually. Hopefully not into special chairs to have sex in (a business plan discussed in the first link above, showing how “non-tech” businesses are now approaching VCs).

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