People Ditching Landlines?

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Three years ago I experimented with using a mobile phone as my only phone line. That lasted a few months until I got sick of all the dropped calls and random areas in my own house where the mobile phone wouldn’t work. It’s a popular story that appears every few months, though. Are people ditching their landlines for cell phone only communications? I certainly have a number of friends who only use their cell. A lot more are “borderline” cases. They have a landline, but they almost never use it. There is a quote in the article, though, saying “People who replace their home phone don’t use the phone much”, which I don’t think is true. If anything, the people I know who use only mobile phones use them quite often.

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Comments on “People Ditching Landlines?”

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prash says:

One number

I have a landline that I use as a back up and for DSL. But basically I like having one number and vmail that’s always with me anywhere in the world. I give the landline number to potential telemarketer sources and then put all calls w/o caller ID directly into vmail. What I would love though is one bill for all this stuff. Too bad the wireless guys spun off from their landline counterparts.

andrea (user link) says:

mobile bills

I use both a land line and a mobile phone. My mobile phone bill has been astronomical since I began using it almost exclusively (the land line was mostly reserved for Internet dial up).
I think in my case, a mobile phone should only be used when I’m actually mobile (away from home or office), I’m sure my future bills will prove this to be true.

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