The Techdirt Generation?

from the oh,-well,-I-can-hope,-right? dept

One of the points of Techdirt has always been to try to be skeptical of whatever news we come across and try to make up our own minds on stuff. Now it seems there’s a whole generation of kids who don’t believe everything they hear. The article talks with a bunch of kids playing some shoot ’em up video games, and then references some psychologist who says those game teach these kids to kill – and how the younger generation is probably the most bloodthirsty in two millenniums thanks to video games. The kids disagree. They say that, if anything, the video games get that sort of thinking out of their system. I think it’s really amazing how adults seem to forget what being a kid is like. Kids are a lot smarter than most adults give them credit for – and they can usually distinguish reality from fiction. In fact, it sounds like they’re getting better at it every day.

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