Cell Phone Etiquette

from the going-pro dept

Would you believe it’s possible to make a living talking about cell phone etiquette? Wired talks to an etiquette expert who has been hired by Sprint PCS to be their “etiquette spokeswoman”. Of course, all of her advice seems really obvious. Let voice mail take the call when you’re in a meeting, or at a meal. If it’s really important, then excuse yourself and step outside. What’s scary is the number of people who don’t do that. I also like at the end, when they talk to someone else who says there’s a growing problem of people who give cell phone users “dirty looks” who are being just as rude as the cell phone users in the first place. Now, I use my cell phone quite a bit, but I try to be courteous about it. I have no problem with people giving dirty looks to idiots on cell phones who are oblivious to how obnoxious they’re being.

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