Hacking Into Ex-Wife's Computer Is Probably Illegal

from the well,-duh dept

Some people need to learn to move on… This guy installed some commercially available “snooping” software on his soon to be ex-wife’s computer, and then had it email him all of her web traffic. A judge has pointed out the obvious: this is illegal. The guy seemed to think that since the software was legal, any potential use of it was also legal.

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Comments on “Hacking Into Ex-Wife's Computer Is Probably Illegal”

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Jimmy (user link) says:

hacking email

The guy is a jerk. But was he doing something illegal and if so – what law was he violating?

It would be a state law – the absence of the mention of a state – and the absence of any mention of what law was violated leads me to believe this should fall under “urban myth.”

And suppose he didn’t hack the computer – suppose she had her password on a post-it in plain sight. Is it illegal?

Is there more info available?

whit says:

He hacked into his soon-to-be ex wife’s email, which means they were still married. If they were still married, then he has a right to see her email. His life is hers and hers is his. I think he probably should have moved on, but maybe his wife’s email was flooded with evidence of an affair… evidence that was closure to him that things were definitely over and for good reason.

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