Laid Off Techies Being Placed At Non-Profits

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Cisco has a program it offers some off the workers it has recently laid off. Instead of accepting the normal severance package, they can spend a year working at a non-profit, in exchange for approximately one-third their regular salary – but they keep their benefits and their stock option vesting. At the end of a year, they can try to get a job back at Cisco (if any are available). Of coures, the total payout is about the same whichever package they take, but for some, it’s a worthwhile opportunity to spend some time working at a non-profit.

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Comments on “Laid Off Techies Being Placed At Non-Profits”

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Phillip Temple says:

Re: Wow, a large company showing some originality!

When job hunting, I always noticed Cisco at number one in these “best place to work” surveys. Never applied there but this aways vaguely intrigued me. Reading about schemes like this it seems to make sense. You mention that it’s no cash bonanza but it gives the unfortunate a *choice*, and they’ve obviously listened to some staff that have said that’s what they want to do. Not your usual “here’s your pay-off now sling your hook” corporate approach. I like it.


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