Big Brother Logs On

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There have been plenty of article lately about our rapidly diminishing privacy. Face recognition systems have been talked about at the Superbowl, in the streets of Tampa, and recently at Borders. MIT’s Tech Review has a good article that looks at many of the different technologies that are being used to track and find people. They also talk to people at the companies making these technologies, and they all shift the blame, saying (more or less), “hey, we just make the stuff – what people do with it is their problem”. There are also some quotes along the lines of “this really makes life better and safer” and even one or two that border on “if you have nothing to hide why should you care?”. I wonder how much of the population already doesn’t care at all about these things?

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Comments on “Big Brother Logs On”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Heh. There are a ton of answers to that question, but I’ll start with the simplest one: who knows that they have nothing to hide? Since it’s a corporation or the government determining what it is they think you’ve done wrong, you never really know if you have something to hide. What if you think you’re doing something completely legitimate, but the company viewing the tapes (or the artificial intelligence, for that matter) thinks otherwise?

Goldstein says:


It’s not that ‘no one cares about privacy.’ More accurately, it is that only a statisticaly insignificant number of people care about their privacy.

Many people say that they care, but IMHO they do not. As an example, PGP is be useless to me because I do not corrispond with ONE person who will allow themselves to be bothered by the extra effort that would be involved in sending an encrypted email. This apathy is what will destroy our freedom.

With Federal Indoctrination (public schools) teaching kids less and less each year, the tattered remnants of our liberty is doomed. “Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along.” MOO!

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