Earthlink Customer Service Hell

from the this-sounds-way-too-familiar dept

One of the horrible things about the technology world these days is that fact that almost no company seems to have figured out how to successfully handle the extremely important aspect of customer service. In the past five years or so I’ve had a number of dealings with large, well-known tech companies (some famous for their “excellent customer service”) that sounds depressingly similar to the following email exchange between an annoyed customer and Earthlink customer support. The scary thing is that this never seems to get better. Recently, I’ve discovered that there are two ways to lessen this as much as possible: (1) deal with smaller companies where you can build a personal relationship with someone who can help you or (2) somehow figure out a way to contact a top executive at the company you’re having a problem with – and make it clear that you’ll make his or her life a living hell if they don’t fix your problem.

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Comments on “Earthlink Customer Service Hell”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

This article is pointless. You should never expect to resolve billing issues through email.

He should have called them first.

As far as the busy signal… I don’t know about that.

You should ask for the name of anyone you talk to at a customer service center. When they ‘hung up’ on him he should have called up and got them fired.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

I don’t know… There are advantages to both methods. I once spent two and a half hours on the phone with a very large PC manufacturer, getting passed around from person to person, and getting nothing resolved. It was only after that, when I emailed to complain about the treatment that someone “took the case” and solved the problem. Overall, I’ve found that email works better because it leaves a trail of communications. The phone calls have no record.

The Captain says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Unless you run into bullshit automated mail responders as displayed in the article.

I *DO* think that an automated “message received” response is good…HOWEVER, any company STUPID enough to have a system that tries to automatically answer your question (or sends back a “I don’t understand” when it can’t) shouldn’t be able to stay in business. Its a very callous attitude towards a customer and a big reason people don’t have much confidance dealing with a business online.

Fredzo says:

No Subject Given

It took me a week to figure out why I couldn’t log on to Earthlink/Netcom about 5 months ago. Apparently they changed the login name from just your name to name.domain. They didn’t send out an e-mail beforehand or freaking nothing! I had theories from my modem setup to the POP I was dialing until someone there actually understood the situation. I was aghast they hadn’t informed their customers beforehand.

Roy says:

Re: outsourced call centres

This is what you get when you oustource your call centre (which I assume is most likely what Earthlink has done) to some place half way across the world manned by people who have no idea what your business is all about and do not care any way since all they care for is the few cents they earn for each email replied to.

bonalyn wells says:

change of isp

have been trying to reach you. this is to inform you of a change in my service provider. therefore their is not to be anymore withdrawals from my bank account. the bank has been notified of this, and the fact of further action will be taken by me if this is done. the bank has also been notified of this and their part in this action. this is being sent to you on the 30th day of aug and i expect all withdrawals to cease as of this date. ihave not used earthlink in 10 days, so all billing should cease as of the 2oth. thank you bonalyn wells aka joshati

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