Would You Pay To Keep Your Bookmarks?

from the I-didn't-think-so... dept

A couple of years ago I was talking to a venture capitalist who had invested in one of the many startups that was going to allow people to save their bookmarks to a website. I pointed out that this was already a feature included in browsers, and how would they ever make any money off of it. He insisted that I was being shortsighted and this was one of the biggest “sure things” he had ever invested in. That particular bookmark company is long gone, but another one is attempting to make money by offering the service for a fee. That’s right. Instead of just saving your bookmarks to your browser for free… you can now pay some company to store them for you. Seems like a great business model. They claim that there are “additional features” included in the pay-for-bookmarks model, but those seem to consist of the ability to “share” a bookmark. I’m sure that’ll make the customers start throwing money in their direction.

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Comments on “Would You Pay To Keep Your Bookmarks?”

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kai says:


I thought I heard of them in the context of ‘search engine’–a bunch of hand catogorized bookmarks, when searched, might give you a sort of community-based yahoo.

So I went there and tried to search for MIT. No luck! Stanford? Nope. Yahoo… links to a Yahoo address book (but not the ‘main’ yahoo).

I guess their search engine model isn’t a winner either.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: THINK MCFLY !!!!!!!11

Sometimes I wish I could post with the same eloquence as Spongebrain…

Anyway, it’s not particularly difficult to save your bookmark file to the web. Many people do it. And, yes, there are tons of free places to do this as well.

My point still stands that there’s no business model here and there’s no reason to ever pay someone for it.

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