Expect That Recovery In… 2008

from the settle-down-and-wait dept

The San Jose Merc spoke with a bunch of “seasoned” venture capitalists to get their opinion on when the venture capital world would bounce back. They found a bunch of pessimistic types who are predicting a long slow recovery that won’t bring things back until 2006 to 2008. Some others are a bit more optimistic. I’m still wondering exactly what they mean by things being “back”? If they mean the insanity of the dot com bubble, where every idiot was getting funded, then I hope it never gets back. If it just means that we get to a point where good technology companies can get the funding they need to build a strong sustainable business, then I don’t see why that needs to wait until 2006. A good sustainable business should be a good sustainable (and, thus, fundable) business now.

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