EchoStar Bids On Hughes For DirecTV

from the it's-about-time dept

GM’s Hughes division (with their DirecTV offering) has been subject to some of the longest takeover talks I can remember hearing about. For almost a year now everyone’s been saying that News Corp was going to buy them. And all along, EchoStar kept saying “wait, wait, we want DirecTV also!”, but nothing ever happened. Someone at EchoStar finally got sick of all this waiting around, and they’ve put forth a bid for Hughes. If this actually goes through, then maybe I could just sign up for a combination package involving satellite TV, high speed net access, and a Tivo and be perfectly happy until they go out of business too (as any business who provides me high speed interent access is destined to go out of business within 12 months of providing me service).

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