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Some of us who have been following TheGlobe since their very earliest days (before they were even called TheGlobe) always wondered what exactly it was they were offering. They’ve tried a lot of things, but what does it mean when a company called shuts down the website but insists they’re still in business (despite laying off a bunch of people)? Stephan should have waited another week before releasing his book. He could have timed it to go along with the official closing of the company.

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Comments on “ Shuts”

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marc says:

The Globe=Globix=Nothing

They suck, as NYC bike messenger I used to pick up and deliver to them all the time, back when they were GLobix (remember that).
Everytime I went there the pckgs. were never ready and they blamed this really stressed out recievings worker, whose fault it wasn’tThey just assumed I couldn’t see through there inter-office politics, to the fact that the people runnig the place were just pushy sales people who couldn’t do their job.
After they moved into a 10+ story office building in Chinatown(from two small office suites in SOHO) things just got worse.
And we all know sales people just want to make the sale and don’t care what happens after that.
Kinda sounds like what happened in the dot com world, everything was sold to everyone, and then when support (wich now means the acctual product) was needed it wasn’t there, it wasn’t even on the way.
See these people had no substance, a true flash in the pan. All bright light and heat, but nothing after that. But they are good at passing the blame.

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