Collecting AOL Disks

from the scary dept

There is a growing hobby for people who definitely have too much free time on their hands: they are collecting those free AOL disks that have been sent all over the world. The Wired article talks to a few of the collectors, and they sound pretty obsessive about this scary little hobby. At least they’re not spending too much money on it. Mostly they can find the disks for free (though, occasionally some of them resort to eBay for the really rare ones). When someone comes out with a book discussing the value of the various AOL disks will be the point at which it has officially gone too far.

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Comments on “Collecting AOL Disks”

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Tom (user link) says:

AOL CD Collecting / AOL Tin Collecting


I am an AOL CD and Tin Collector. If you have any AOL CDs to sell, please contact me as I would be willing to buy them from you.

I really look for CDs that are still sealed and Tins in shrinkwrap, but all are considered – so if you have any laying around or pick up, please drop me a note.

Many thanks,


AMetamorphosis says:

Re: AOL CD Collecting / AOL Tin Collecting

I’ve been collecting them for years.
I think collecting them is stupid as hell, but there seems to be a market for it ( check e bay ) and I figure that if I just keep throwing them in that big old box in the basement, eventually I can unload a bunch of them for enough money to have the other 300 million hauled outta my basement.

john william tandy says:

collecting aol / other internet isp disks

the birth of the internet is as massive as the birth of the postal service ……the free promo internet disk shadowed this event and even now is coming to an end …. only the occassional disk now turns up in a superstore……….. how narrow minded most people are not to realise the similarity between these disks and the postage stamp ……………………………..


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