Honesty Is Not A Policy In Layoffs

from the of-course-it-isn't dept

Ask a bunch of techies what they think about their recent layoffs and most of them claim what angers them the most is the lack of honesty from their managers and executives. They don’t care as much (though, they do care) about their severance packages and things like that. They just wish their managers would have been more honest about things. I’m not sure I really believe that. I can understand why people would say that – but, do you really think these people would be happier if they were told earlier that they were going to be laid off? I can kind of see both sides on this one. Yes, it does suck to suddenly be told that you lost your job when you were just told everything was fine – but what good does it do for a manager to tell people early? I do think, however, that a manager should be the one to tell his or her workers that they’re laid off. Bringing in someone else to do so is pretty bad.

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