Dot-Com Downturn Hurts Restaurants Too

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For the past few years, tons of trendy, expensive restaurants have been popping up all over San Francisco, but now the dot-com downturn is affecting them as well. This is really bad news for any laid off folks who are trying to get jobs as waiters.

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Comments on “Dot-Com Downturn Hurts Restaurants Too”

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1 Comment
Michael Clouser says:

dot com hurts restaurants

Restaurants just can’t seem to win and this article lends more credence to the fact that this sector is one of the riskiest and most volatile.

I have been talking to restauranteurs who confirm this situation in San Francisco. First dot com startups such as WebVan, OpenTable, RestaurantPro and Instill take away their hourly and salaried workers. Then WebVan goes under, others go under, and the labor situation looks better. However now there is no business.


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