Private Rocket Launch Is Suicidal

from the this-can't-be-real... dept

In a story that sounds like it should be from the Onion, or possibly a Christopher Guest mockumentary, some guy in the UK is trying to launch a private rocket (with himself in it) into space. Even that doesn’t sound too bad, until you start reading the details. The rocket is made out of a converted cement mixer and some computer joysticks for controls. They’re not doing any windtunnel tests because that’s what their “test flight” is for. He also has no real training for this (of course), though he claims (and NASA denies) that he briefly rode in NASA’s centrifuge. His website also claims that NASA is a sponsor for the mission, which NASA strongly denies, and when asked about the guy says, “Er, that might be an exaggeration, I’ll look into that”. I sense an awful lot of exaggeration, which probably isn’t a healthy thing when your into playing around with rockets. I’d say you’d be safer with someone who liked to be a little more careful and exact…

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