Become Your Own Sports Broadcaster Online

from the uh.--right. dept

Okay, I’ll be the first to say that many sports casters suck. Especially local ones. The worst thing is when I’m watching some baseball game – even with teams I don’t care about – and the sportscaster, who’s supposed to be an expert, says something that even I know is wrong. At this point, the only sportscasters who I enjoy listening to on a regular basis are John Sterling and Michael Kay, who do the Yankees radio games in NY. So, the idea behind is certainly intriguing. It lets anyone become a sportscaster for any sporting event they’re watching on TV. The business model is extremely questionable. Basically, there is none, but it’s a one man operation, and maybe he’ll figure something out. Of course, part of me thinks that most of these amateurs will just be pure rooting fans – who don’t make good broadcasters, but maybe someone will do a good job and get somewhere with it. The article also mentions legal issues – but I think their comparison to Napster is a bit off. They’re not rebroadcasting the game in any way – they’re just broadcasting commentary about a game. I think that would be tough to prove as illegal… But, then again, I thought Napster was perfectly legal as well.

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