What Happened When Rambus Got Greedy

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I hadn’t been following the Rambus patent lawsuits too closely, but Fortune has an article that really is fascinating. Rambus was not only greedy, but very sneaky and arrogant at the same time. They went to standards meetings, and basically took whatever people were talking about and amended various patent applications to include those things. They also lied about the patents they were working on, and tried to spin that by saying they never lied about patents that were issued. This isn’t just a case of bogus patents – it’s a case of intentionally modifying patents based on information from other companies, to try to gain reverse ownership of the entire industry.

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Comments on “What Happened When Rambus Got Greedy”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:


I was sort of following the story on and off when I saw an article appear about it, but this was quite the summary of the entire affair. It’s kind of hard to believe that a company would go to such means to achieve it’s goals – I mean, there is plenty of stupid things done with the entire dot-com craze, but didn’t they think they’d ever get caught? Well, I hope they’re punished and punished hard for what they’ve done. RDRAM might be the next best thing, but that in no way justifies their actions. Definitely an excellent read, though.

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