Killing Napster May Be Slowing CD Sales

from the is-it-really-cause-and-effect dept

Retailers are reporting that cd sales are down from last year. Does this coincide with the fact that Napster is now crippled? Has the RIAA completely cutting off an avenue for music discovery? I know for a fact that it’s harder for me to listen to new music now — and maybe I have bought fewer cds because of it. However, I can also play devil’s advocate and cite that the whole economic slowdown might have something to do with it, no?

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Comments on “Killing Napster May Be Slowing CD Sales”

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kevin says:

case study

For some reason I downloaded a few old quarter flash 80’s hits. I then thought, these rock!, so I downloaded a few lesser hits, those we’re also good, including a song about a lesbian. So I went and bought two of their cds (I almost never buy cds). Now I cant download anything except misspelled songs. I have no motivation to go buy cds anymore. Q.E.D.

Duffman says:


There have been a couple CDs out that I might consider purchasing in the last six months, but I only hear singles on the radio. That was my main use for Napster – checking out songs that I might like so I don’t have to go and spend $15-20 and discover that I only liked the one song. I’ve already got a couple discs that just gather dust from the days before Napster. I do believe that the RIAA has shot itself in the foot, and that this is not the effect of the slowdown – kids will always find money to buy CDs, regardless of the economy.

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