Damn Pop Up Ads Push x10 Past Amazon

from the horrible-miscarraige-of-justice dept

In what can’t be a good decision, Media Metrix has decided to count the x10.com pop up ads as traffic to x10.com. What this means is that folks like me accidentally visit x10.com probably 10 times a day. The end result is that their traffic shot way up and even passed Amazon.com. Of course, 95% of that traffic are those pop up ads. The bad thing about this is that people are going to read the Media Metrix report and think that pop up ads work. Thus, we’re going to be absolutely drowning in pop up ads from now on. I don’t think Media Metrix should count such “accidental” traffic as real traffic. I never chose to go to x10.com. That’s not legitimate traffic – it’s hijacking.

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