Who To Blame Turns Into Rage And Lawsuits

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It’s all fun and games to have polls about who to blame for the bubble burst. ?Or, to play the blame game by pointing fingers. ?But, here’s an article that looks at the violence and lawsuits that are coming out of angry investors who are pointing the blame finger at everyone but themselves.

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Comments on “Who To Blame Turns Into Rage And Lawsuits”

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sb says:

No Subject Given

>However, I think that even the most skeptical individual investor – at some point realized he or she would be crazy not to put at least some money into the craze

yes, this is the classic textbook HATE BUY. cant stand to be on the sidelines any longer. Usually, this is teh sign of the top. you just need a good commonman litmus test to guage. like your grandmother, or staid old mutual fund mgr. when THEY get in, you know the last of the suckers are climbing on board…

record stock inflows in early 2000 was a good hate buy.

stupid humans!

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