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A NY Times article about a website called is helping to offer up former Catholic priests who still preach, for various ceremonies. Most of the fomer priests left the church in order to marry (but are technically still priests – since apparently you cannot be “unordained”), and most of the people who “rent” them are Catholics who are, in some way, bending a rule in order to get married. So, while you can’t confess online you can find an ex-priest who will perform a Catholic ceremony to your liking. Not surprisingly, a lot of people who like the idea aren’t big fans of the name of the site. And, then, of course, there’s a whole different group of people who hate the whole idea and think it’s evil.

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Roy P. Lindo says:

Support RentAPriest Web

I my self is also a married priest from the country Philippines, of the Diocese of Tandag.

I am happy finding this website primarily because I have a web to hang-on. Its a way to share openions,beliefs, many others and help one another especially among married priests in any matters.

I am even willing to come to any states or communities needing our religious services as a missionary or missionary for rent.

All i have said here is just my own opinion. This email add i used is the email add of our organization serving our local communities, institutions and any organizations needing retreats, recollections, counseling, technical or human resource development. Its an organization founded by us married clergy to help in ministering formative aspects of our christian believers who were not attended by our regular clergy due to many other sacramental needs of the people which they can not address anymore.

Its all for now and thank you for this opportunity that i was able to link to this web especially to my co-married clergy endeavor and mission in christian belief.

Roy P. Lindo

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