Yet Another Reason To Get Pissed Off At eBay

from the so-much-anger dept

I think eBay users like getting pissed off at the site, because that’s about all you ever hear about them. The latest, though, is about a bunch of folks who used to use a software program called Auction Assistant to help them post items for auction. People paid money for the software in the past under the belief that all upgrades were free. Now, eBay has switched the software to a subscription model and made sure that the old (paid for) software doesn’t work any more. It does seem like a pretty obnoxious way to run your business. eBay claims they need to do this to pay for improvements to the software. Of course, that’s unfair to people who already paid and were promised a different deal. eBay should stick by the old deal and just grandfather people in – but I guess that doesn’t make them money.

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