US Army Builds James Bond Inspired SmarTruck

from the ooooh,-I-want-one dept

Every once in a while I’ll talk about some cool piece of technology and mention that I’m willing to be a beta tester for it. While I usually know that the answer is no, in this case I’m positive. The US Army (apparently they have some free time on their hands) spent some time watching old James Bond movies, and decided it was about time they built an 007-worthy truck. Say hello to the SmarTruck. It’s a high-end SUV that includes such useful features as an onboard computer (of course), built in night vision, (and here’s where it starts getting cool), high voltage door handles, laser guns, grenade launcher (percussion grenades to “stun”) and a tack dispenser. It also has lights that are so bright “the enemy cannot look at them” (I’d love to use that on the idiots who keep their high beams on all the time). The truck was really designed for “urban warfare” against terrorists, mobsters, and urban warlords, but I think it could be useful in getting around the Bay Area. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that they’re planning on making it into a hybrid vehicle, so it will be environmentally friendly. I think the Army needs to ditch this “Army of One” crap, and tell people they might have the chance to drive one of these babies.

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Comments on “US Army Builds James Bond Inspired SmarTruck”

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kevin (profile) says:

fluff and manipulations?

c’mon, are we idiots?

“While the base price of the SmarTruck is the same as an F-350 — $35,000-$45,000 — Fuller could not
divulge the exact cost of the fully equipped vehicle.”

Wow, what a deal, does that come standard with the kevlar panels? Doesnt an un-equipped NASCAR car cost about $20,000?

“They also plan a hybrid electric propulsion system, which will save gas — making the SmarTruck cheaper and environmentally friendly — and reduce noise to the point where one can travel at night virtually undetected.”

The military is very concerned with the environment, didnt they start car-pooling in those M1-A1 tanks? Its very easy to make engines quiet, a lot of running cars are almost silent, its the sound of the wheels on the ground that makes all the noise.

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