Spam Not Going Anywhere

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A friend of mine was just telling me that he’s now spending almost $150/year in using Spamcop to protect him from spam. He was trying to figure out a way to stop just blocking his spam, but instead reduce the actual amount of spam sent his way (thus lowering the spamcop bill). I tried to think of ways to do so, but it seems impossible. I’m apparently not the only one who think so. Spam experts from around the world at Spamcon can’t seem to think of a way to stop spam. They can’t even think of a way to slow down spam. They can only think of ways to try to slow down the increase of spam. Now, that’s depressing. I still want to know who the idiots are who actually reply to spam, which keeps that spammers going.

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Comments on “Spam Not Going Anywhere”

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todd says:


As a seasoned spamcop user, I first won’t pretend to know how to stop the spam I get completely, and second will admit that the following may be superstitious and pointless:

– I delete (unread) about 50% of the spam that spamcop stops. I especially do so when the sender has their own hosting service, which is often the case with overseas spam.

– I tend to do that in waves, with no abatement of spam showing until I’ve done it for a week or so, then the spam slows to a trickle. Then I go back into report mode.

– Recognize that it is by reporting spam through spamcop that a lot of spammers get taken down. I recently was asked to post an affidavit and may be deposed in a lawsuit involving a spammer cancelled by their ISP. Reason for cancellation: 178 Spamcop reports received over a 2 week period. First action taken: when the first spamcop report hit their wires!


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