RSI Moves To SMS

from the there's-always-a-problem dept

You just can’t get away from some problems. As people (mostly in Europe) use SMS text messaging more and more, they’re now discovering a specific form of repetitive strain injuries just for them. They’re calling it TMI: Text Message Injury. How long until the ergonomic experts start swarming over our mobile phones and other wirelss devices to give us the mobile version of the split keyboard? Of course, many people don’t seem to think that a slightly swollen thumb is that big of a problem.

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Comments on “RSI Moves To SMS”

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Stephen Kellett says:

No Subject Given

Swollen thumbs, probably not a big deal, I used to get that playing Myriad on my Vic20. However
I can see people getting tenosynuvitis from this.
Tenosynuvitis is a really nasty type of RSI which you don’t want to get. I’ve had RSI badly and been fortunate enough to find a really good physiotherapist, good care and still have a career afterwards.

I don’t think things ike RSI warrant flippant comments.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

I wasn’t making fun of RSI. I was just commenting that I could easily see a fascination with more ergonomically correct handheld devices.

As for saying that many people don’t see the big deal about swollen thumbs, that was based on quotes in the article. I wasn’t saying that RSI isn’t a big deal. I just thought it was amusing that people need to come up with specific names for things like “text messaging injury”.

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