Music Industry Legal Issues Galore

from the throw-'em-all-together dept

Well, I’ll just put this all into a single post for simplicity’s sake. Aimster is already having enough legal problems that they’re now really being sued by the RIAA. Of course, Aimster had claimed a couple of weeks back that the RIAA had already filed a lawsuit against them but that wasn’t true. While I’m sick of the RIAA trying to crush everyone, I do think that Aimster has been asking for a lawsuit to increase publicity about their service. And, while we’re discussing music and the law, as a followup to last week’s article about why people are pissed off at Gracenote comes the news that they’ve now got two more patents for their CDDB database that they didn’t develop in the first place anyway. Anyone know if BountyQuest will be working on these patents?

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