Earthlink Co-Founder Accused Of Fraud

from the disturbing-trends dept

Here we have yet another internet exec accused of fraud. It’s scary how many of these guys seem to go off and think they can do no wrong, and in doing so, defraud a bunch of people. This guy told a bunch of friends that he could take their money and invest it for them (though he wasn’t qualified) and promised huge returns. That didn’t happen. What I can’t figure out is why so many people just gave him millions of dollars on his word. Does no one believe in any sort of due diligence any more?

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Comments on “Earthlink Co-Founder Accused Of Fraud”

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cr says:

Re: Earthlink home-install DSL working fine here.

In fact, it worked better than expected.
When the package arrived, I carried the parts downstairs to where our gateway machine had been connecting our home LAN to a dialup link, hooked things up, and plugged a Win98 laptop into the DSL modem to run through the setup instructions. I expected to have to load PPPoE drivers before things would work. Nope! A quick DHCP connection later, I had someone halfway into rooting the laptop through exposed Windows shares before I noticed and pulled the plug. My fault: I should have known better than to leave that hole open.
Just because one of the founders is a Scientologist doesn’t mean that the company itself is corrupt. Earthlink works just fine for us as an ISP, and I have yet to get an invitation to go see a movie about Ron.

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