IBM And Dell As The Next Calvin Klein

from the style-is-not-a-strong-suit dept

Stephen writes “The age of wearable computers will truly be a fascinating and exciting one. With components getting smaller and more energy efficient each day, we will be able to wear our notebook computers instead of lugging them around in these huge cumbersome cases. This article has an enlightening look at this new trend; where it came from and where it will go in the future. Here’s a clip: ‘Wearable computers aren?t really a new concept; they can even be traced back to the 1930?s where a crime fighting Dick Tracy would communicate with his side kick via a two way wrist watch. We have the original Star Trek series in the 1970?s to thank for the more main stream idea of a wearable computer in the form of the all too familiar communicator badge. The more recent Star Trek series introduced the idea of the Borg, a race that had truly integrated portable computers into themselves and in fact represented a mass information collective…’.”

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