New Hot Technology For Aging Silicon Valley Types: Anti-Aging

from the spending-money-to-live-longer dept

An article looking at how Larry Ellison (mostly) and a few others in Silicon Valley are putting a lot of money into anti-aging. Ellison is apparently trying to figure out a way to live forever. I’m all for this. The longer Ellison stays alive, the more bizarres stories about him we’ll have to post. Plus, it would be kinda cool if some of the anti-aging stuff trickled down to the masses. I wouldn’t mind living forever.

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Comments on “New Hot Technology For Aging Silicon Valley Types: Anti-Aging”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Damming the population supply

The world would become over-crowded only if people decided to have more kids than the number that died from accidents on average. Of course that is an entirely plausible assumption, but it is still just an assumption. You could as easily assume people would have 1 kid only and that a high enough accident rate might actually cause population to decline. Anyway, these are all just assumptions. One thing is for certain, cars would become a lot safer as people would demand better protection from the certain death associated with them.

And I wouldn’t waste too much effort trying to control (“released?”) this technology. If it is possible, it will be developed, here or elsewhere.

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