I'll Have A Scotch, Soda, And Biz Plan, Please

from the drink-up dept

bfrank writes “To prove that there’s never a stupid idea, just one that can’t hold its liquor, the great minds behind Johnnie Walker alcohol are putting up some cash for funding in this already tight market. Grants are being given for 5 lucky winners at $100,000 a piece. Barring the obvious question about “why” they’d want to put $500,000 cash into entreprenuerial businesses that have a 1 in 10 chance of succeeding (or even less in most cases), you have to wonder what criteria their judges are going on to choose the winners. They claim “Companies, individuals and organizations need to show the viability of their idea, the overall quality of the plan and the potential for its success.” Imagine that…you have to have a viable business. That’s a novel idea.” Ah, but the good thing is that these are pure grants. They’re not expecting money back, so they don’t care if you fail. I wonder if they’ll give any alcohol to companies as they’re going under.

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