All Your Data Belong To Microsoft

from the that-can't-be-good dept

With all the hype and yelling concerning Microsoft’s Hailstorm, the most interesting article I’ve seen is in today’s Register. There, they point out that Hailstorm is all going to be running through Microsoft’s Passport. They also point out that Microsoft is expecting you to more or less give up all your data to the service. Then, they point out that according to the current user agreement on Passport, Microsoft can do whatever they want with any data you put up there. This suggests that they can comb through your hotmail messages for anything they want. As they point out, if you send a business plan over Hotmail, Microsoft seems to have the right to just take it and use it themselves. I’m sure this is a bit of a stretch in drumming up some anti-Microsoft fear, and I’m sure some things will change and be made clearer when Hailstorm stuff actually comes around, but it’s still somewhat amusing.

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