Is Bezos Next?

from the the-CEO-shuffle-watch dept

Business Week is suggesting that it might not be long until Jeff Bezos follows Tim Koogle’s lead and is pushed out of the CEO spot. Despite all of Amazon’s problems, plenty of people still think it will make it through – but a lot more people seem to think negatively on Amazon than those who thought negatively about Yahoo! before last week’s announcement. Anyway, if anyone knows any of these recently pushed out dot com CEOs, I’m willing to let them write for Techdirt, if they need a place to start “getting back into things”. Of course, that’s only if they can pass the infamous Techdirt “writer’s test”.

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Comments on “Is Bezos Next?”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Techdirt writers test

Yeah, they might also have to do a stock swap, Mike could exchange all their old companies “useless” stock for Techdirt stock (on a stock for stock basis).

I think Techdirt’s current estimated market cap is around $345.65 million*, I’m sure Mike will quite happily round to the nearest 100k on a stock for stock basis. What a great deal, eh?

*current valuation based on forecasting techniques pioneered at Amazon and adapted by Techdirt staff (p.s. analyst aren’t allowed to have the data ’cause it’s secret, right Jeff?)

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