FakeGifts.com Founders Plead Guilty

from the what-the? dept

Back in January we first mentioned the guys behind fakegifts.com being arrested, but now they’ve pleaded guilty and face up to 5 years in prison a well as fines for, well, selling fake gifts. I find it hard to believe they were defrauding anyone. The site is called fake gifts. Anyone who went to that site knew what they were getting. I can’t figure out why they pleaded guilty. You would think that at the very least, they could fight this in some manner.

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Comments on “FakeGifts.com Founders Plead Guilty”

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mark says:


I wonder how many more people like me are out $1000 after being lied to over the past 6 months about an order that was neither sent or refunded. They would charge your order on your card and never would send the product or return calls. I also wonder how many of the so-called testimonials were fabricated as a way to lure more people into them. I began e-mailing the testimonials and most emails were returned undeliverable. A couple of comments came back that they were still waiting on product also. Sooo, my impression is these individuals are guilty of alot more that trademark issues.


todd says:

Re: fakegifts

Mark, I doubt you are out $1000 for any credit card order. If you are, I’d actually love to find out who your credit card issuer is and why you haven’t pursued the your rights under their regulations to a full refund (typically less $50). Internet merchants submit credit card sales slips for funding under Visa and Mastercard guidelines. They are however more strictly governed under by special “MOTO” regulations (Mail order, telephone order), that specify that all fraud costs are passed back from cardholder to issuer to clearing bank to acquiring bank to merchant. So, seriously, if you are owed money, get on the phone, my man, as you are a fool not to. Same for the other fake gift folks.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Read the article!

I did read the article. The point is that the manufacturers were accusing them of trademark infringement as if people would assume that the fake gifts were really shoddy products created by the original manufacturer. That’s the claim I find hard to believe. No one would actually think that the fake Rolex was actually from Rolex so I’m not sure how it is actually hurting Rolex…

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