Life Goes On For Dot Commers

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A year and a half ago Fortune started following four Northwestern MBA graduates. Three of them were founding a startup, and one was going to P&G. So where are they now?. The three from the startup have all left that startup. They originally all went to go work for Idealab to start another company – but that didn’t happen. One is working for an Idealab company. Another is working for a different startup. The last one is just hanging out. The P&G guy has left his job as well to be a consultant at a small firm. I have to admit, I’m getting quite sick of these “well, we tried to change the world, and now we have to figure out how to lead a normal life” MBA stories. Mostly, they’re just people who tried to get really really rich without thinking through a business model, and now they act as if they deserve our sympathy.

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