The Broadband Toilet

from the networking-everything dept

Over in Japan, there are a bunch of companies that are working on ways to network everything. Even your toilet. With all the talk of completely networked homes, this article gives an interesting idea of what some companies are currently working on.

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Comments on “The Broadband Toilet”

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1 Comment
Zebulun (user link) says:

networked homes

My buddy just built a house (or rather, had one built for him) and installed CAT5 throughout the home. Most construction companies offer CAT5 cabling as a high priced option, but it’s way cheaper to do it yourself before they add all the walls. I’m just wondering when the telcos or someone else will start laying CAT5 out to all the neighborhoods using plain old ethernet. I don’t understand why cable and phone companies are dumping tons of money into figuring out how to use old and incompatable existing lines to do high speed net access they were never meant to handle when ethernet is a tried-and-true technology that would work easily with their existing routers and hubs.

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