See Bill Gates Shake With The Quake

from the okay,-not-that-exciting,-actually dept

So, there appears to have been a pretty large earthquake in the Seattle area this morning. It even interrupted a Bill Gates talk at an education and technology conference. There’s some video footage of the conference when the earthquake happened, but you really can’t see anything that’s going on the stage, so it’s tough to tell how Gates reacted. Apparently, he just walked off stage. Maybe he’s just demonstrating to the government the power of MicrosoftQuake 7.0 (or is that 6.8) should this lawsuit go on any further… Just wait until you see the blue screen of death associated with that sucker.

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Comments on “See Bill Gates Shake With The Quake”

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audris says:

Re: there'll be no shushing around here

techdirt works best when people with different viewpoints and intelligent ideas contribute worthy posts and comments. try some constructive critism or better yet, find some interesting articles for the rest of us to read and add your insight. otherwise, your post adds as little value to the rest of us, as the article apparently does to you.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: shutup mike

Um… sorry. I don’t actually think there was any Microsoft bashing in that post actually. Just a lame little joke. And what whining are you talking about? We’ve been having lots of great discussions about Napster. I don’t remember any whining on Techdirt…

Besides, don’t you think that “Shutup Mike” is a little on the harsh side?

alternatives says:

Re: MORE Micro$oft bashing

Just so you’d know what M$ bashing looks like….

hat appeared at, appropriately enough,
MSNBC; while the story has since been updated with newer information, it originally
included the following entertaining little snippet: “Screams erupted at a nearby hotel,
where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was addressing an education and technology
conference. He was whisked away as his audience bolted for the exists. Some
audience members were knocked down by others trying to get out.” To which we’d like
to append: “And then the earthquake hit.” Ba-dum ching! Tip your waitstaff!

But was the earthquake’s timing just a coincidence, or was it actually prompted by
Bill’s Windows demo? When asked to comment, God reportedly issued the following
statement: “Missed him by that much.”

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