Pay To Link Part II

from the no-more-free-stuff-at-all dept

About a month ago we posted a story about content sites that were saying people had to pay to link to them. Now here’s another story about paying to link to content sites with the focus being about how ZDNet uses some company called iCopyright to enforce their “web reprint” policy. Apparently there are all sorts of rules as to exactly how you can link to ZDNet. Of course, these rules are hard to find. In fact, I followed the links in the story to the iCopyright page, and all of the detail pages came up as 404-Not Founds (actually, I wonder if the Register is now going to have to pay iCopyright for linking to them…). If a company doesn’t want people to link to them, then they shouldn’t publish their stuff on the web – or they should password protect it.

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