When Will We Have Home Networks?

from the i-want-my-dishwasher-connected-to-my-television dept

A look at some predictions on the future of home networking. Every year some people predict that this will be the “big” year where home networking catches on, but there are a lot of skeptics out there. There are also disagreements as to whether or not people will be able to set up their own home networks, or if it will take a service person, like your cable. I also think that they still need some compelling reasons or applications for home networking. I can see why it would be cool simply because I’m a gadget/technology freak. However, for most people, there has to be a really compelling reason why their dishwasher needs to be hooked up to the internet.

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Comments on “When Will We Have Home Networks?”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

See article below

Interesting that this web page opens a popup window when you exit…

Nevertheless, the article is spot on. There will probably never be any reason to network your dishwasher or refrigerator, despite some inane advertisements shown late last year, but eventually some app will make sense, and wireless will be the way to go. Simply being able to carry your laptop from work home and have it be networked would be worth it.

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