It's Official: Science Says Chicks Dig Fast Cars

from the anyone-have-a-fast-car-for-sale? dept

Brought to you by the same people who said that men use cell phones as a “mating call” is a new study saying that women really do like men better if they have a fancy car and expensive clothes. Also, they now say that cell phones aren’t that useful as a mating call. This is because they’ve gotten cheap enough now that it’s no longer a successful display of wealth. I have to admit that the article is written very poorly, so I’m not even sure I’ve got the details of the study correct – but I’d also question the methodology. It sounds like they just asked people who they would prefer, rather than actually observing what happens. They also imply at the end that the results of this study should make women happy because it means they have more power in the relationship and aren’t “passive players” in deciding who to mate with. As if people thought that women were just standing there accepting the next guy to come along?

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