Tech Sector Still Going Strong For Jobs

from the depends-on-your-definition dept

A new study shows that there’s still very strong demand for tech workers. As the article says there was a “dot com bust” but not an “IT bust”. Basically, things are returning to a normal level where people are looking for stable jobs with normal growth potential. This is a good thing – except if you were planning on getting fabulously wealthy by doing very little work for 5 months and then bragging about how hard you worked and how smart you were. Yeah, I repeat my claim that this is a good thing. Update: Of course, this leaves out the fact that many workers are apparently being traumatized by all the layoffs. It’s actually a lot worse for the workers left behind, than those who have been handed pink slips.

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Comments on “Tech Sector Still Going Strong For Jobs”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

What defines a tech worker?

This is really just a sidenote on the article but I sometimes wonder whether you can classify editors as tech workers? Surely there exactly the same type of worket that would work in offline media, so is it corret to classify them as tech workers? Are there any other questionable tech workers (i.e. questionable as in being included in that catagory)?

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