Self Configuring Robotics

from the I'd-buy-that-for-a-dollar dept

Researchers are currently working on re-configurable robots. The only problem is the timespan that we’ll have to wait for fully functional re-configurable robots is going to be a decade or two (due to the operational complexity needed). We should see simpler applications of micro electromechanical machines in smart surfaces and embedded devices in a few years rather than a few decades.

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Comments on “Self Configuring Robotics”

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Ryan says:

Re: more than meets the eye...

I think I’m growing a little wall against hype, which is a little disappointing as fantasising about new technologies is nearly as good as using them. I think that once MEM technology gets established well start seeing some interesting surfaces and possibly even some interesting autobots (although that first applications will probably be about 5-10 years away). It’ll be fun to have self cleaning surfaces and etc. (oops my hype shield went down briefly).

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