Duke Nukem Goes Intellectual Property Crazy

from the no-touching dept

Apparently the folks behind the new Duke Nukem game are getting a little sensitive about how people will respond to it. They are apparently not going to put out screenshots to make sure that no one else can write a strategy guide to the game. Then, they claim they won’t allow anyone to take their own screenshots for reviews, as they’re afraid it’ll look bad. Finally, they have a trademark and copyright policy that says you can’t use any of their stuff if it’s in a negative way. In other words, no one will be able to write a negative review of the game, or use their own screenshots to point something out.

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Comments on “Duke Nukem Goes Intellectual Property Crazy”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

All signs point to sucking

I can’t wait to see the “screenshots” Old Man Murray uses when they rip on this game (assuming it ever gets released). I mean, you don’t do all this crazy sh*t to prevent people from seeing your game unless it’s god awful ugly.

It reminds me of the Tiberian Sun fiasco. What would happen if EA had said reviews could only use the official “screenshots”, doctored all the hell? How does a reviewer say the engine can’t do real lighting effects when it’s been photoshopped into all the official screenshots?

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